Man in Nigeria have 107 wives. “God Told Me So”


Mohammed Bello Abubakar is considered one of the most controversial figures in Nigeria: the 92 year old has married 107 women and 97 are still his wives. All without having any significant income.


Bello has always explained that he married so many women behind divine indication. The man became famous for the first time in 2008, when it came that he had 86 wives and about 150 children. Several Muslim imam had accused him of violating religious precepts: Islam makes it possible, but it is allowed to have up to four wives, and only as long as he is able to provide for them. Two constraints both violated by the man. Bello has always objected that the bond of the four wives is not relevant, because the Quran have no punishment for those who have more than four wives. Bello has not only ignored the order of the religious court, but he married several other women. And despite of his age, the man is not going to end the weddings: “What I’m doing is divine. It is a mission and I will continue to do so until the end” he explained to a local newspaper.


Bello does not encourage other men to follow his path: a normal man, according to him, could not even stand up to 10 wives, and he managed to overcome the 100 for the force of the god. One of the most mysterious and controversial issues around the figure of Bello is how he can support himself. Not only he doesn’t work but he also forbids his wives to work. When they were asked to explain in Bello, man has always simply replied that “everything comes from God.”