The most generous boss of the world: rewards employees with cars and houses


It is not so unusual that bonuses and gifts are shared in a successful business, especially in the holidays, but , CEO of Hari Krishna Exports, which gave 1,300 cars and 400 apartments to 1700 of his most loyal and hardworking employees. “If we make our employees happy, God will make us happy” says Dholakia, who began his tradition of generous gifts 20 years ago, giving away three cars to three employees and since then has always increased, until this year, which also was marking the 25th anniversary of the company, when in fact he gaves the cars and apartments.

We chose 1,716 employees as the most productive in this year. We’re getting the houses for those who already have a car, while those who do not have a car it will have a “says the entrepreneur,” We exports to $ 700 million in 70 countries, but nothing is as good as our employees.



Dholakia, 53, was born into a family of farmers and left school at just 13 years to help his uncle in a small company that traded diamonds. In 1982 he decided to start his own business with the help of his uncle, and over the years Dholakia has turned the small company into a company that today gain more than 750 million dollars a year. It is the experience of the difficulties experienced by small that prompted the contractor to take care of the employees:

“I realized that once you’ve taken care of the basic needs of your family, which for me is to have a home and a car, you can focus on your work. I want my employees give 100%, and we want them to have no worries about basic necessities, “Dholakia said in an interview.