Five disgusting things men do but women do not bother


According to a Dutch research women tend to gloss over things that normally would make them sick. The experiment involved 90 women divided into three groups. Were asked to perform a series of tasks, some of which are “very disgusting” (like drinking from a cup with a big bug on the bottom), and other types of “erotic” stuff.


The group submitted to erotic stimuli is what showed less “resistance” to complete the tasks (of whatever type they were), while a good part of the other groups she refused to perform one or more tasks.

Based on this research, the author of the blog YourTango has compiled a list of five “disgusting” things ┬áthat men make but women do not bother. We expect confirmation or denial from readers: let us know what you think of the list.


1) Burp.
It would be much more bearable a burp in the middle of a kiss at the table.
There is no unanimity but according to many women “would not be much of a problem” (imagine that also depends on the noise and the smell, but we are entering already in more detail than we would like).
Many women (especially American) do not seem particularly love men “hairy”, but would apparently willing to defer.
4)Bad breath.
It is a thing that can happen to anyone, and unless it is not really intolerable (or that it is a habit) is bearable.
5)”Crawl” on his underwear.
Get to the point where the pants have already been removed (necessary to see any “Stripes”), you tend to forget much of defects.