It comes the PokemonGO insurance


Pokemon Go is definitely the new trend but it is not only Nintendo to profit from this game. A Russian bank has even created a special insurance for players of Pokemon Go. The thing  is not so absurd, given that there have been numerous cases of more or less serious accidents caused by the game (or rather, the distraction connected to the game): Sberbank has decided  the players is an interesting market for their insurance services, creating a policy that covers only accidents occurring during the game. As soon as the news circulated, many thought to be a hoax, but shortly the bank has officially confirmed the news.





The insurance is currently offered even for free, as an advertising promotion for the bank (and in fact it has giving them undoubted visibility), although before it is requested would be a good idea to check on the purchase of financial services legislation abroad and carefully read the terms and conditions, to figure out if you are among those eligible that other types of obligations going to take.

“As the leading life insurance in Russia, we believe we must do something for Pokemon Go players, the game that is having immense popularity in this period. Given the number of reports of accidents around the world, we have created a special product for players. What is important for us is that this will increase the financial literacy of the population, that playing can become familiar with tools such as insurance”, said the bank in a press release.